Poker with Words!

The latest app from Graphite Fusion, a multiplayer poker game with a twist!

Poker with Words!

The Main Menu

The main menu is where you can start a quick game, tweak your profile, sign up for a universal account, buy more credits and access all of the game menus.

At a Table

The table is where you can earn credits, chat with other players, make bets and win big! You can choose from low buy in tables to practice and hone your skills. Once you’re ready for the competition, join one of the more expensive tables, here you can make large sums during each round.

Guess to Win

After each round and all bets have been placed,find the word that maximizes your points. The player with the word that scores the most points wins, it is that easy! Hurry you’re on the clock when solving for a word.

If you’re green, you win!

After everyone has submitted their words, they are all revealed. If your word is green you win the round!

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